The Next Lindsey Vonn

The next Lindsey Vonn? There’s another one? Yes. Her name is Mikaela Shiffrin. She is 16 years old and races out of Burke Mountain Academy. Some may say she is better at ski racing then Tiger Woods is at golf.

Why is everyone saying she is the next Lindsey Vonn? The reason this is, is because she she beat Julia Ford who is at the moment on the U.S. Ski Team, the A team.  Shiffrin won the U.S. National Slalom tittle this year. She won the Slalom at Topolino, Italy where all the best J3 ski racers around the world go to (Vonn did the same in 99).  She won this by THREE seconds. She also won the G.S. in Topolino but this time by only a tenth of a second. She won the Slalom at the J3 Olympics. This is a race with all the best ski racers from the east side of the U.S.  She won the slalom by 11 seconds!

Finally this year she is a J2. Which mean she can race against any  age group. Doing so she placed top 15 in her first 7 races!  Can’t forget that she is now racing against the best ski racers in the WORLD!  After her first 7 races she had 4 podium finishes (1st, 2nd, 3rd). Two of which were first place finishes!  In some of these races she had started way in the back of the pack. Which of course with that high level ski racing there would be huge ruts.  Talk about attack from the back!

Mikaela Shiffrin even got asked to train with the U.S. Ski Team, the D Team. She turned down the offer because her parents think she is to young at the moment. But I’m sure eventually she will be on the U.S. Ski Team, the A team. In no time AT ALL!

Here is a video of Mikaela Shiffrin winning another ski race!

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Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn is an Alpine Ski Racer that races for the U.S. Ski Team. She is 27  years old and married. Now on with her ski racing career…

She has won three overall World Cup and Downhill Championships. She won them in 2008, 2009, and 2010. She is the 3rd women to manage this accomplishment. Lindsey Vonn won a gold metal in Vancouver at the Olympics of 2010. She was the first American women that has achieved this. She also accomplished three World Cup Season Titles for Super G. Again the first American women to do so. She also won two tittles in the Combined.

By March 2011 she won 41 World Cups in four different events, Slalom, Super G., Downhill, and the Combined. Vonn has won Olympic gold and bronze medals,  three silver medals between 2007-2011, two World Championship gold medals in 2009 and three overall World Cup titles. Lindsey Vonn is the most successful American skier in American history (at the moment).

Here is Lindsey Vonn’s winning Downhill run at the 2010 Olympics In Vancouver…

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Summer Skiing

As you get older and into J4’s and J3’s you should start summer skiing. Summer skiing is where you go out west somewhere like Mount Hood, Oregon or Blackcomb/Whistler, Canada, or even Chile. You train for a week or 2 it depends on who is running the camp. Most likely it is around 10 day’s. You will have 1 day off to rest if not, 2. But you train in the sun and some camps do dry land. You normally will only train for half a day. Summer skiing is really fun because most of the time you end up skiing with your G.S. Suit around your waste and a short sleeve shirt. Also in the afternoons or on your day(s) off you can walk around the village. The Whistler/ Blackcomb village is really big, there are shops, restaurant’s, zip line, dirt biking, and much much more.

Apex Alpine Racing Summer Camp at Whistler Blackcomb

This how much fun I had last year at Whistler Blackcomb…

As you can see these trips are a lot of fun and really good for your athletic ability and skiing ability.



Some people will ask, what does the J in J4 or J3 mean? It means Junior. Juniors are anywhere from J6 to J1. From 7 to 18. Junior 6’s are 7&8. Junior 5’s are 9&10. Junior 4’s are 11&12. Junior 3 are 13&14. Junior 2’s are 15&16. Junior 1’s are 17&18. But next year there is a different rule. Whatever you are going to be next year you will have another year of. The reason why this is happening is because after J3’s most ski racersquit ski racing because it is too expensive or they don’t have enough time, or because they are not good enough to get so serious about ski racing. This rule is for USSA (United States Skiing Association). So now the Juniors will all be moved up a year. So instead of the J6’s being 7&8 it will be 8&9. The J5’s will be 10&11. The J4’s will be 12&13. The J3’s will be 14&15. The J2’s will be 16&17, and the J1’s will be 18&19. Then most people will stay a little longer and the kids taking a PG year before college can still ski race without being called a master. After the Juniors everyone goes off to college carnivals. Then after that their are the masters. Who race against college kids and J1’s, and 2’s. Masters are every age after college.

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Positive thoughts!

93486999At a big race this weekend (J4 Junior Eastern Championships) there was a guy who made a speech, that is very true. He said to think positive thoughts. He said to think about all of your friends. How they  070519 OQ_BestMe_Page_07are in school and your going 60 miles per hour down a Super G. coarse. Think about ski racing  in all the good ways.  Don’t think about that frost bite on your face (you can think about it if it gets really bad though).  Think how cool it is to be out in -10º weather. He said if you fall don’t worry about it. There are plenty more races and runs. If you fall just get back up and have a better 2nd run. Everybody has to fall sometimes. I’m sure we all know that if you fall that is how you know you are a good ski racer. Because your not conservative. You go after the gold. Trying to go as fast as possible. Which means you are AGGRESSIVE!

He also said how ski racing is a contact sport. He is right! Ski racing is just as bad as football! When you hit the gate going 60 miles per hour that is contact! When you fall in a Slalom coarse and run over 5 gates, that is contact! A guy in my ski club ran slalom with no chin bar. (Not the brightest). He got a huge fat lip and chipped his tooth. That is contact.

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What happens when you crash?

When I fall it is normally because I am to far back or I am on my inside ski. That is why you need to have very strong legs. If you friends say that skiing shouldn’t be considered exercise, well maybe for them because they are not ski racers. But if you get back then you need to have strong legs to pull you back up.

You could also fall by going to straight at the gates. I know a lot of people who do that. They try to take a line that not even Ted Ligety could take. Yes, these lines could be really fast, but then you could hook a gate or get really late.

Lindsey Vonn just had a few big crashes. In this crash she fell because she caught an edge. Want to see the crash??

Lindsey Vonn’s crash…

You can also fall by getting late. If you do get late it is easy to get out of it. Especially on under gates (delay gates),  quarters, flushes, and hairpins.

Super G.

Are you scared for your next Super G. race? Don’t be. Especially if you are  J3 or J4. All Supper G. stands for is, Super Giants Slalom. In college you do not run speed events. Speed events include Super G. and Downhill. Speed events do not get you anywhere in life if you are planning on going to college for ski racing. If you are trying to make it to the Olympics  or World Cup level then it means something. But for now, nothing.

If you are a J4 or J3 then all Super G. is, is an open G.S. Especially for J4’s. For them it is a J3 G.S.  For J3’s all it is, is a open G.S.

See what I mean? It is pointless. So instead of training for Super G. get ahead of everyone else and train for your next Slalom or G.S. race.

Slalom Block

Hi, My name is Mikayla. I ski race out of Bromely Outing Club (BOC).

This week is our slalom block at BOC.  My dad is my coach. The first step we do is stubbies.  Stubbies are really good because you do not have to focus on cross blocking. It just helps you get a good line.

In the second step, we will start running regular tall gates.  But, they will be tilted to the outside of the turn so the racer can cross block the pole easily.  This will be on easy terrain.  The terrain will be on a hill that is a little steeper than beginner terrain.  This is good because it helps you learn how to cross block while not trying to focus on your line.

Cross blocking is an overly used term.  It should really be called gate clearing or clearing the gate.  Therefore, people say, “Well, cross blocking, that means I have to reach over to hit the gate.”   However, that is not what you do.  What you are supposed to do is try to lean in a lot to get your shoulders inside the gate, but you have to support that tilt by angulating with your hips and knees.  You have to really try to get your knees into the hill.

For step 3, we can finally put the gates straight up.  But, it is still on the same hill as it was when the gates were tilted, so you can just focus on cross blocking without trying to figure out your line.  Since you are on an easy slope, it is easy to cross block.  Once you get that down, you can go to the final and the hardest step.

Step 4 takes place on the steep pitch.  At Bromely our race trail is East Meadow. This is pretty steep.  Now that you went through the cross blocking step, cross blocking is second nature.  Therefore, you can focus on your line and go fast.


It’s race time!

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